1993 BMW 3-Series

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1993 BMW 3-Series Prices
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1993 BMW 3-Series Fuel Economy
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)
Now showing 1 of 5 trims: 325i

Available Engines & Transmissions


1.8L 138 hp I4 N/A
2.5L 168 hp I6 N/A
2.5L 189 hp I6 Std.
4-Speed Automatic Overdrive Opt.
5-Speed Manual Std.
5-Speed Manual Overdrive N/A

Payload & Towing


Passenger Volume (cu. ft.) No data
Cargo Volume (cu. ft.) No data
Standard Towing (lb.) No data
Maximum Towing (lb.) No data
Standard Payload (lb.) No data
Maximum Payload (lb.) No data
Standard GVWR (lb.) No data
Maximum GVWR (lb.) No data

Fuel Capacity


Tank (US gallons) 17.20

Final Assembly


Location No data

Fuel Economy (city / hwy): Rear-Wheel Drive

  2.5L 189 hp I6
4-Speed Automatic Overdrive 20 / 28 mpg
5-Speed Manual 19 / 28 mpg

Engine Specifications

  2.5L 189 hp I6
Horsepower 189
Torque (lb-ft) 184
Fuel Type/System No data
Valves/Valve Configuration No data
Displacement (cc) 2494
Bore X Stroke (in.) 3.31 X 2.95
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Turbocharger No
Supercharger No

Model Warranty
The information shown below only applies to the original equipment manufacturer warranty.


Basic (mo.) No data
Basic (mi.) No data
Powertrain (mo.) No data
Powertrain (mi.) No data
Rust (mo.) No data
Rust (mi.) No data

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