2013 FIAT 500

Now showing 1 of 8 trims: Pop Hatchback



    Avorio (Ivory) Nero (Black)
Argento (Silver)   X X
Azzurro (Blue)   X X
Bianco (White)   X  
Bianco Perla (White TC)   X  
Espresso   X  
Giallo (Yellow)   X  
Grigio (Gray)   X X
Luce Blu (Light Blue)   X X
Nero (Black)   X X
Nero Puro(Straight Black)   X X
Rame (Copper)   X X
Rosso (Red)   X  
Rosso Brillante   X  
Verde Azzurro   X X
Verde Chiaro(Light Green)   X X
Verde Oliva (Olive Green)   X X
Although best efforts are made to provide accurate colors, MSN Autos does not guarantee the accuracy of vehicle color.

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