2012 Toyota Sienna

See below for crash test information from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

When available, MSN Autos displays crash test data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

IIHS Frontal Offset Crash Test

About IIHS
Each vehicle’s frontal offset crashworthiness is based on performance in a 40 mph frontal offset crash test.  Ratings depend on how well the structure/safety cage protects the occupant compartment, the risk of injury measured for an average-sized male, and how well the restraint system controls occupant movement.
Rating Key:
G Good A Acceptable M Marginal P Poor
Injury measures
Vehicle make/model OVERALL Structure/ safety cage Head/ neck Chest Leg/foot left, right Restraints/ dummy kinematics
2012 Toyota SiennaGGGGGGG
(Tested: 2011 Toyota Sienna LE)
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The crashworthiness data for this vehicle has been obtained from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and is protected by copyrights and other proprietary rights. You may reproduce a copy of the data for personal use only. You may not repost, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast, or any other way commercially exploit any of the data without written permission from the Institute.

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