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  • Styling9.7
  • Performance9.9
  • Interior7.9
  • Quality9.4
  • Recommendation9.9
  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Dollar for Dollar, the Best Sports Car in the World, PERIOD! by Art in Tampa on 11/08/2011. Trim: 2006 Lotus Elise Coupe, Owned 5 years.
Pros: What's NOT to like? I've owned 2 Porsche's, a BMW M3, and now own the Elise. No car I've owned has EVER! been this much fun to drive. It's a rare occasion when I walk out of a store NOT to find people standing around it.. Looks wise it's simply the most beautiful car I've ever seen. The acceleration on the stock model keeps up with just about any other stock vehicle south of $200,000 but what stands out most is the handling. It's superior to any car I've ever driven (including Ferraris, Lambos, et. al.) let alone owned. I've taken 90 degree turns in it at ~90MPH and there was no skidding, no argument from the car. There's even enough room in the trunk to do my grocery shopping.
Cons: About the ONLY thing I can think of is the convertible top isn't automatic. It takes a minute or two to put on. Also, though *I* have ZERO problem with this and I'm a bit over 6'0, I've heard others complain about the headroom. Though again, this isn't a complaint in my book, you DO have to constantly watch your speed because doing 60 or 70 MPH in this car feels like going 20 or 30 MPH in any other. My only other real complaint is it only has one cup holder, but then,with a car this gorgeous, it's always easy to find someone to go with you and hold your drink.
Overall review: This is the ultimate car for someone who wants a gorgeous, yet affordable high performance exotic. If you're looking at buying one and looking for the ultimate DRIVING experience, short of a Bugati or a McClaren, you've found it. Look no further. If you're the persnickety type who needs every whistle and bell, adjustable lumbar support (and/or any other unnecessary luxury) and want to tote around band equipment, look elsewhere. If you want to feel pride when people look at your car, and want to thoroughly enjoy driving your car every time, even if it's just a trip to your local fast food place AND be confident you'll always have enough torque, handling, and/or braking to get you in or out of any situation on pavement, then you've found it. The drive is low, but not so low you're always worried about bottoming out. The seats are snug, stock CD/Stereo are top of the line with the volume automatically adjusting for engine noise. All around it's, by far, the finest car I've ever owned!
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