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  • Styling9.2
  • Performance9.6
  • Interior9.3
  • Quality9.2
  • Recommendation9.4
  • Styling10
  • Performance10
  • Interior10
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Better then the ultimate driving machine by tjfletcher on 03/28/2011. Trim: 2001 Audi S4 2.7 T, Owned less than 1 year.
Pros: I had an unfortunate accident that left my '99 M3 totaled. I always told myself I would never get out of the M3 because it was, and is a true work of art. That being said, I needed a new vehicle - I always liked the S4 so after reading some reviews, I took the plunge. I now realize what a great decision it was to get into an S4. This car has everything. Styling, performance, luxury and AWD. I have yet to find a flaw with this car, and that's a totally honest assessment. After 3 months of driving this incredible vehicle, I still find myself anxious to get behind the wheel and drive. It's that good.
Cons: Repair costs (as with any German vehicle) can be pricey. You also never know how long the stock turbos will go but with proper warm-up, cool down, boost practices and regular synthetic oil changes I don't see this as a major problem (I just hit 107k miles and stock turbos are fine). Timing belt changes can be expensive and there are known wheel-bearing and control arm issues - again I don't see this as a major problem. Some dead pixels on the control console seem to plague everyone but mainly when the ambient temp. inside the car is over 75 degrees - again, nothing to worry much about but a con never-the-less.
Overall review: In light of the maintenance costs that "can" add up, and some of the known problems, this car is the best car I've ever owned and I've owned plenty. I find it to be a better over-all car then my M3 and given the opportunity, would not hesitate to buy another b5S4. This is by far, one of the best vehicles out there. It has everything you'd want, is everything you'd expect and so much more. Definitely an extremely fun, sporty, luxurious awd beast. I would highly, highly recommend this car to anyone looking for one. I was a die-hard bmw fan for 7 years - an unfortunate accident has become a true blessing in disguise when it comes to my outlook, and ownership of cars - not to mention my perception of Audi. Did I mention the build quality is superb inside and out? After 107k miles there's not one raddle or squeak. So nice. The S4 is simply that good.
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