2014 Honda Accord


2013 Honda Accord V6: Flash drive review

This 2013 review is representative of model years 2013 to 2014.
By Staff of MSN Autos

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The Honda Accord is powerful and smooth. It's spacious. Most of all, it makes safe driving easy with a low beltline, great visibility all around, and a camera feature on the passenger-side mirror that is just awesome. From the center-console screen, the camera displays a perfect view of the road and curb on the passenger side. Making a car safer for an attentive driver without adding annoying electronic gadgets is something I really like. Unfortunately, everything else about this Honda is extremely boring. The Accord has no character whatsoever. Safe-to-drive isn't enough to make me recommend a car when there are so many quality competitors available. — Paul Hagger

I've never wanted to like the Honda Accord because I've always thought of it as the generic family sedan, but it's hard not to be impressed by the latest iteration of this top-seller. Our test car was the top-level Touring trim, which comes with everything, including the new, powerful V6 engine that puts out an impressive 278 horsepower. I wouldn't call the Accord a sport sedan, but all that power certainly makes it quick. Fuel economy is also pretty good; I saw mileage in the high 20 mpgs on the highway, low 20 mpgs in the city. Inside there's plenty of room front and back and a number of new safety features. My favorite is the blind-spot camera; when the right-turn signal is used, the center-console display shows a view down the right side of the car. After just one day, I missed this feature when driving a different car. I'll admit, $35,000 seems like a lot for a Honda Accord, but with the powerful engine and upscale interior, the Accord seems like a good value as a high-end family sedan. — Perry Stern


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