2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid


2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid: Flash drive review

This 2013 review is representative of model years 2013 to 2015.
By Staff of MSN Autos

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The Ford C-MAX loves to be driven slowly. It is spacious, if a little "upright," as the seating arrangement encourages you to sit almost at attention. It's not uncomfortable in any way, but it does keep you alert. I managed 37 mpg in my commute, which is better than I achieve in the Toyota hybrid that I have owned for five years. The quiet electric power and low-speed torque encourage you to drive slowly. The C-MAX never seems to get into its stride — it just glides. There is power to be enjoyed, and if you need to go quickly, the C-MAX is perfectly capable; this Ford hybrid covers ground so smoothly that I never felt rushed. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel like a $30,000 car. — Paul Hagger

Just when you thought there wasn't room for a new type of vehicle on the market, out comes the Ford C-MAX. The small wagon/crossover is actually shorter than a Ford Focus, but it is taller and wider so there's considerably more space with a smaller footprint. The interior is spacious with comfortable seats and a reasonable cargo space; however, the floor of the cargo area is raised to make room for the batteries. Rear seats easily fold flat for considerably more cargo capacity. The hybrid system works well, with power developing smoothly and brakes that regenerate but aren't grabby like those often found in hybrids. The dashboard display tells you how much time was spent in EV mode when you shut off the engine, and even thanks you for driving a hybrid. But the claims of 47 mpg just don't seem achievable in the hilly Pacific Northwest. I averaged 36 mpg during most of my time in the C-MAX, and I drove my 13-mile commute trying to get high fuel mileage. I couldn't get better than 40 mpg, though. Still, these are respectable numbers for a vehicle with such great utility; they just don't meet the expectation of the EPA numbers. — Perry Stern


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