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2010 Camaro SS — Flash Drive

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2010 to 2015.
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The 2010 Camaro SS RS is, in most ways, exactly the car we had hoped for after laying eyes on the original Camaro concept a few years ago. Powered by a 426-horsepower 6.2-liter V8, it is very fast, makes great sounds, and attracts attention wherever it goes. It does feel bigger and heavier than I would like, but the steering is crisp, the 4-wheel independent suspension works well and the overall balance is very predictable, making the RS both easy and fun to drive. Unfortunately, driver visibility is seriously impaired. Wide A-pillars obscure the front view, and a high beltline and large C-pillars make rear visibility a real issue. Even so, I'd drive this car every day. –Mike Meredith

I still think this is the best looking American muscle car on the market today. The Camaro just oozes with coolness. It is a beast with the 426 horsepower V8 that produces an exhaust note that sounds incredible. This Camaro moves like a locomotive and gathers steam very quickly. There is one design flaw: the wide-swinging doors. In close quarters, it's difficult to open them without dinging adjacent cars or other objects. A large blind spot looms over the driver's left shoulder. Even with those faults, it is easy to have a love affair with this car. –Joe Chulick

The Camaro SS is drop-dead gorgeous, especially in Victory Red. Like any classic muscle car, it has an incredible exhaust note, especially when the revs pass 3000 rpm. But unlike those cars from decades ago, the Camaro is easy and fun to drive on twisty as well as long straight roads. Sliding the rear end out with wheels spinning and engine roaring immediately put a smile on my face. What's not fun is driving the Camaro as an everyday car. Idle is somewhat rough, ride is stiff and our tester had a black interior which combined with the low roof made it very claustrophobic. No question that the Camaro SS is a blast when conditions allow, but for most circumstances, the good looks couldn't quite win me over. –Perry Stern


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