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2013 Audi allroad — Flash drive

This 2013 review is representative of model years 2013 to 2014.
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I think the Audi allroad is a bit silly. As an all-wheel-drive station wagon it makes a lot of sense. It's attractive. It's peppy. It has a lot of cargo space. The interior is modern, comfortable and looks great. But from the outside its looks can be very deceiving. The allroad's looks are obviously meant to imply that this Audi is a rugged utility vehicle that can handle any terrain and carry any load while still looking awesome. There is a lip to the opening of the cargo area, however, that means the allroad can't carry any load — it's suited to fetching groceries but not to hauling yard work. And the suspension is too stiff for off-road work. In fact, it feels too stiff even for potholed pavement. Ultimately the Audi allroad is only suitable for city work and soccer mom duties. And to me that just makes it look silly. – Paul Hagger

Audi has some of the most expressive front fascias in the auto industry, and the allroad sports another great-looking nose. The allroad is billed as a crossover wagon similar to the Subaru Outback, but it really seems to be just the A4 Avant with more aggressive styling. Ground clearance is about one inch lower than the Volvo XC70 and 1.5 inches less than the Subaru. If you forgive the expectations of an SUV-like wagon, the allroad offers a nice combination of performance, utility and fuel efficiency. There's plenty of space, both in the rear seat and in the cargo area. The allroad's interior feels like a premium wagon, just as you'd expect from Audi. The turbo engine provides decent power and is rated at 27 mpg on the highway. Overall, the allroad is smooth and quiet — it feels very solid. Even without the increased clearance, the allroad still works as a premium SUV alternative. – Perry Stern


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