2014 Audi TT


Flash Drive: 2008 Audi TT Roadster

This 2008 review is representative of model years 2008 to 2015.
By Staff of MSN Autos

As I walked up to the black TT Roadster I was already smiling. The car simply looks fun to drive, and the looks are definitely not deceiving. I lucked out with a rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, so I pressed the console button and in about 10 seconds the ragtop was hidden away. In max-sun mode you can hear the satisfying growl of the V6 engine all the better. Power is plentiful, and with grippy tires and quattro all-wheel drive the TT goes wherever you point it. And it’s not only fun to drive, it’s a daily driver. The trunk has enough room for two large suitcases (even with the top down) and I saw almost 20 mpg in the city. Unlike the first generation, this Audi TT is the real deal — a truly usable sports car. Perry Stern

If there ever was a car that feels like a go-kart, the Audi TT is it. Power is on call in almost every gear, the manual six speed shifts smoothly, and the TT can whip around corners with ease. With the substantial thud of a closing door you can tell this is one solidly built roadster. The power-retractable top adds appeal on sunny days, but noise insulation isn’t the greatest — it’s tough to have a (hands-free) cell phone conversation when cruising at highway speeds. As with many roadsters, the doors open wide for entry and exit, so avoid tight parking spots. But this roadster’s driving excitement will make you forget any minor inconveniences. – Johnny Pak

The new TT has gone from a sporty car to a true sports car. The handling is crisp and precise with excellent steering feel, and the leather-wrapped flat-bottom sport steering wheel gives it a bit of a Euro-tuner flair. The 3.2-liter V6 delivers great power and the DSG transmission can do all the shifting for you, but use the paddles behind the steering wheel to shift manually. The power soft-top drops quickly and the optional Audi Exclusive Line two-tone Nappa Leather seats are beautiful, but with a nav system, Magnetic Ride suspension and 18-inch alloys the price comes in a hair under $55,000 — pretty steep for what was once a fairly affordable sporty car. Mike Meredith


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