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2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid: Flash drive review

This 2012 review is representative of model years 2012 to 2014.
By Staff of MSN Autos

The updated Toyota Camry hybrid improves on almost every aspect of the previous car. Fuel economy is only slightly better, but other aspects stand out more. I was surprised that the throttle response, acceleration and overall performance were so noticeably improved. The interior is also much more sophisticated. But the Camry isn't perfect. The Ford Fusion Hybrid still feels more inspired and fun-to-drive; the Camry just isn't as pleasant or satisfying. Most frustrating of all, the Camry Hybrid I drove had terrible problems with "off gassing" of interior materials. I admit that I am more sensitive than most to the off-gassing smell, but to me the Camry Hybrid was almost unbearable. Whether the chemicals that make up that "new car smell" are toxic or not may still be up for debate, but in the Camry, for me, they were simply too distracting. – Paul Hagger

I admit I'm not a big fan of hybrids, but I have to say the redesigned Camry Hybrid is rather impressive. Design is new, but still not terribly exciting. But that's not surprising; exciting has never been what the Camry was about. What is surprising is how quick this car is. Acceleration is very strong, and occasionally taking advantage of the power doesn't destroy the fuel economy. I didn't come close to the advertised 43 mpg in the city — probably using too much power — but I did achieve an average in the mid-30s. This didn't match the claimed number but is still pretty impressive for a big, roomy sedan. The biggest issue I had with the Camry Hybrid is the same I have with every Toyota hybrid — the brakes are very touchy and even after several days driving it, I still couldn't apply them smoothly. – Perry Stern


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