2013 Ram 1500


2013 Ram 1500: Flash drive review

By Staff of MSN Autos

The Ram 1500 is a caricature of a good truck. It's not a good truck, but it looks vaguely like one. It's not nimble like the best big pickups. The acceleration and power are just so-so. The braking, previously a high point for Dodge trucks, doesn't stand out either. In almost every way it's just a little less good than its competition. Then there are the ways in which it is just absurd. There's huge, embossed, tacky branding all over the interior — how many places can you stamp the word "Ram"? — and the center console is massively wide for no obvious reason. The Ram 1500 is far less sophisticated than the other choices. Paul Hagger

The Ram 1500 has always stood out from the crowd with its bold styling, and the latest redesign continues this trend. Our test truck was fully loaded and fully priced at $53,000, but for that you get a truck with features that, on paper at least, could easily match that of a typical luxury sedan. The cabin features comfortable leather seats with attractive stitching and one of the best touch-enabled display screens on the market. The rear seat is a bit cramped, but seats can be folded out of the way to provide a surprisingly large cargo-carrying space. However, while the interior may look and feel like a high-end sedan, the Ram is still a truck. The ride is rough, and the big vehicle is difficult to maneuver; handling is what you'd expect from a full-size pickup. The active suspension is the coolest feature on the Ram, which can be lowered to make it easier to enter and exit the truck, or raised when tackling severe off-road terrain. At highway speeds it automatically lowers the truck to improve aerodynamics. The best fuel economy I saw was 15 mpg, but given that this is a very large vehicle with a big 400-horsepower V8 engine, that's not so bad. With all its extra features, such as the Rambox storage and adjustable bed extender, the Ram is definitely competitive in the big truck segment, because even with all those luxury features, it's still first and foremost a truck. Perry Stern


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