2013 Nissan Murano


2011 Nissan Murano: Flash Drive

This 2011 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2014.
By Staff of MSN Autos

It's true that the Nissan Murano is a worthy competitor to the best-in-class small SUVs, but I was surprised to find it less sporty than its Infiniti FX35 cousin. The Murano has hints of trucklike ability. The tall sidewalls mean that it wallows a bit in the corners. The engine has the lazy throttle response of one tuned to pull a lot of weight, and you'll need to push the gas pedal down quite far when you want the Murano to accelerate briskly. The interior is definitely not trucklike, though. The seats are comfortable, the materials are very nice and there's plenty of space. The Nissan Murano should be on your short list, along with the Ford Edge and the Kia Sorrento. –Paul Hagger

Nissan's Murano was one of the first crossover SUVs, and it continues to be one of the best at combining the attributes of an SUV with the driving dynamics of a sport sedan. Based on the same platform as the midsize Altima sedan, the Murano is balanced and responsive, making it a great all-around vehicle for practical, everyday use. Powered by Nissan's award-winning 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Murano has plenty of get-up-and-go, and the continuously variable transmission works well in this application. I also like the new design — it is fresh but remains true to the original — and the interior is well thought-out, skewing more upscale than the outgoing model. –Mike Meredith

I may not be crazy about the look of the Murano, but it is one of the better 5-passenger crossovers on the market. The cargo area offers plenty of utility, and the rear seat can actually handle three people without feeling terribly cramped. And unlike many crossovers, the Murano is actually enjoyable to drive. There's plenty of power on tap, and the continuously variable transmission is one of the best in the business, seeming to keep the engine in the sweet spot for the best performance. I did expect that the CVT would also improve fuel economy, but I couldn't get my average over 18 mpg in mixed driving. Handling is tight for a crossover, but with good maneuverability, making the Murano a great choice for someone in the crossover market who needs a bit more room, but doesn't want to go up to a 7-passenger model. –Perry Stern


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