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2011 Infiniti QX56 — Flash Drive

This 2011 review is representative of model years 2011 to 2013.
By Staff of MSN Autos

If you love luxurious interiors, a smooth and quiet ride, and the stability and safety of a large SUV, the QX56 is right up your alley. At almost 3 tons, this is one supersized sport ute. Its first-class interior will keep all passengers warm and comfortable. And thanks to the large V8 engine, the vehicle doesn't lumber around like other big SUVs. Instead, it delivers fast acceleration for the weight it carries. Unfortunately, the QX56 comes at a price; it gets only 12 mpg in mixed driving. While most buyers of this car probably aren't concerned with fuel efficiency, it's worth pointing out. However, its price tag is rather appealing. At $60K, the QX56 is a good value versus the competition. –Joe Chulick

"Honey, does this SUV make my car company look fat?" Yes, yes it does. The Infiniti QX56 is an absurdly large luxury SUV. In fact, the QX56 is such a behemoth that it can't even manage 12 mpg. But you will get a spacious, luxurious interior and, astonishingly, vehicle dynamics that seem to defy physics. The QX56 accelerates well, handles impressively, provides a comfortable ride and, after only a small acquaintance period, somehow manages to seem almost small enough for public roads. Even so, unless you need to tow something huge, like a boat or horse trailer, this thing just defies reason. –Paul Hagger

The big SUV hasn't been completely supplanted by the crossover, and the new QX56 is proof of that. This vehicle is massive. As you'd expect, it has a spacious interior. But while there's plenty of room for front- and second-row passengers, the rear seat is cramped. Passengers would have to be awfully small to fit back there, and cargo space is limited unless that third row is folded flat. What you wouldn't expect is that the QX56 drives well. The ride is smooth, the power is impressive, and the handling is about what you'd expect from an almost 3-ton SUV. Maneuvering the QX56 is made easy, though, with Infiniti's innovative camera system, which provides a view of all four sides on the center display. I know some people think they need a vehicle this large, but given the QX's limited seating and a dismal observed 12 mpg, a new crossover might make a better choice. –Perry Stern


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