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2011 Infiniti M37x — Flash Drive

This 2011 review is representative of model years 2011 to 2013.
By Staff of MSN Autos

The new Infiniti M37x, equipped with the all-wheel-drive system coupled with the more powerful 330-horsepower V6 engine, can really move if pushed. It also excels in sedate city driving conditions, with liquid smoothness. And the 7-speed automatic transmission helped me achieve 18 mpg in mixed driving. As expected, the interior is luxurious, with great leather and wood treatments throughout the cabin. On the road, it is smooth, quiet and a dream to drive, thanks in part to the technological accoutrements such as the premium sound and navigation systems. Even with the heavier all-wheel-drive system, the Infiniti felt nimble and light on its feet. The Infiniti M37x is truly a remarkable car, not only for the driving experience but for the available technology, which is second to none. –Joe Chulick

The Infiniti M37x feels like an outdated car. Even though it has been refreshed and given a face lift, the changes appear to be all on the surface. The suspension feels the same as it did four years ago, and like other Infiniti models, it rides well with a slight feeling of imprecision in hard cornering. The engine still feels the same as before, and still returns lousy fuel economy (16 mpg). The superficial "eco" pedal is ineffective and annoying. When the eco pedal is turned on, the fuel economy appears unchanged but the gas pedal seems stuck in molasses and slow to respond. The lane-detection warning system is as irritating as ever; I expect an owner with a habit of attentive driving will turn it off. –Paul Hagger

Infiniti continues to restyle its cars so that they all have the same basic look; the M is the latest model to fall into line. The new style looks good on the M, however. As with the previous generation, the M offers up a well-appointed interior with comfortable leather seats and high-end trim. Infiniti's media system offers a large screen with intuitive, easy-to-use controls — much easier than the German competition. For 2011, the M gets the larger 3.7-liter engine, which puts out almost 30 more horsepower than the previous V6. Power is reasonable, but not as high in performance as I was expecting; the car feels heavy, even with 330 horses on tap. With full-time AWD, handling is very good — the car does exactly what you expect. The sport sedan market has some stiff competition, but I think the M definitely holds its own in this group of impressive cars. –Perry Stern


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