2013 Infiniti G Coupe


Flash Drive: 2009 Infiniti G37S

This 2009 review is representative of model years 2008 to 2013.
By Staff of MSN Autos

On paper, the Infiniti G37S is exactly what I would want in a car — plenty of horsepower, rear-wheel drive, advanced 7-speed automatic transmission, pleasing exhaust note. It’s like a Nissan 370Z with a useful trunk and room for four. The G looks good but won’t stand out in a crowd. Interior changes from the previous generation were welcome; materials feel upscale, and the seats are comfortable and supportive. Acceleration is strong and handling is impressive, yet after spending a few days in the new G, I found that I wasn’t enjoying the ride as much as I expected. Downshifts aren’t predictable, and there is too much delay between gear changes during spirited driving. Brakes are good, but minimal feedback made them difficult to modulate. Ultimately, the G is a great performance coupe, but the experience is more clinical than visceral, and whether that is good or bad is depends on the driver’s taste. Perry Stern

The G37S and the Nissan 370Z are like fraternal twins. And if their mother had a favorite, she would pick the G37S. The Infiniti is both a sports car and a touring car. Unlike the 370Z, the Infiniti has a usable trunk, and a back seat that can carry children or more gear. And when you really want a sports car, the 330-horsepower V6 will put a mischievous grin on your face. With all that power, it was nice to get 20 mpg in mixed driving. However, the 7-speed gearbox, which is shared with the Z car, had a pronounced delay when downshifting and flooring the gas. If you are a technology fan, you can equip the G37S with a great navigation and sound system, which can be paired with a hands-free voice recognition program. The feature was great and kept your mind on the road, instead of playing with control buttons. While the 370Z might outperform the Infiniti on the track, you can get nine-tenths of the performance and still have a terrific all-around car with the G37S. Joe Chulick

The Infiniti G37S coupe has big shoes to fill. The previous version, the G35 coupe, finally provided Infiniti with a credible rival to the best-in-class luxury coupe competitors. The G37 is even better. It is also much better than the Nissan 370Z, with which it shares a significant amount of engineering. The G is a 2+2, although there is limited headroom for adults in the back seat. Front-seat passengers are treated to a spacious, comfortable space with a commanding view of the interior and the road ahead. There is ample acceleration, and happily the engine doesn’t make an exaggeratedly loud sound (as it does in the 370Z). The ride in this Infiniti is more luxurious than that in the 370Z, and the G37 is the better for it, still maintaining the ability to corner sharply. Paul Hagger


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