2013 Honda Fit


2012 Honda Fit — Flash drive

This 2012 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2013.
By Staff of MSN Autos

My mom recently bought a Honda Fit and she absolutely loves it. She bought it because it's cute, zippy and efficient, and because it's got tons of space and headroom in the back so her big pooch can stand up when the rear seats are folded flat. But I don't like it much myself. I find that the engine is buzzy and low on power. The fuel economy is wonderful, but the interior feels cheap and plastic-y, as if the economy comes as much from the thin materials as it does from an efficient engine. The supersize windscreen and low dashboard may let my shorter-than-average mom see out and feel confident, but I just feel like I'm wearing a pair of glasses that are always just about to fall off my nose. As a versatile and fun city runabout the Fit is hard to match at any price. But it's not for everyone. – Paul Hagger

At first glance, the Fit looks like your typical small economy car, but it really is more. Our tester was the Fit Sport, and it looks almost sporty with its Orangeburst Metallic paint and alloy wheels. But most surprising is how roomy the Fit is inside. Cargo space is surprisingly large, and with the seats folded flat there's almost as much space as you'd find in most crossovers. The rear seat is roomy for passengers and the seat bottom can be folded upright to make space for tall cargo. Brilliant idea. The Fit's small footprint makes it quite maneuverable with good handling. As expected, there's not a lot of power, but it can accelerate up to highway speed with little difficulty. I averaged 32 mpg in mostly city driving. The one issue I have with the Fit is the ride — on a smooth road it's not bad, but when the pavement gets a bumpy, the ride is quite rough. I wouldn't want to take a long drive in the Fit over bad roads. But the impressive versatility, fuel efficiency and low starting price make the Fit a great option in the small-car market. – Perry Stern


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