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2013 Honda Fit EV: Flash drive review

By Staff of MSN Autos

The Honda Fit is already a nicely packaged, fuel-efficient compact, and it makes a great platform for Honda's first electric car for the U.S. market. The Fit EV has plenty of power and is actually pretty quick, given the instant torque that an electric motor provides. With an 80- to 100-mile range, the Fit EV will fit the daily needs of most drivers without causing undo anxiety over getting stranded without a charge. I followed my daily routine without feeling that the Fit EV was a compromise in order to bypass the gas station. It charged completely overnight on 120-volt power, leaving me ready for another day of driving. Other than the lack of engine noise and the instant torque, the Fit EV feels a lot like any other Fit. The only real issue is the extra cost over a gasoline-powered Fit that will take several years to recapture through fuel savings. And at this point, you do have to live in California, or a couple of other select states, in order to buy one. –Mike Meredith

The Fit EV is the first full-electric vehicle that Honda has offered in the U.S., and it is one of the most impressive electrics I've driven. It doesn't offer all of the versatility of a standard Honda Fit, however. For instance, the rear seats don't fold multiple ways because of the battery pack. But even without the innovative rear seats, the Fit offers plenty of room for four with a good amount of usable cargo space. And as a bonus, the Fit EV is actually quite fun to drive. Three modes of driving are offered: Eco, Normal and Sport. I left it in Normal mode for most of my driving, but for a spirited ride, I recommend the Sport setting. Acceleration is very quick and smooth; in fact, the throttle needs to be applied gradually to keep the wheels from spinning. Brakes are regenerating so they take some practice to apply smoothly, but they seem to be quite efficient at recharging the batteries. On a few occasions I had more range when I arrived at my destination than when I left. Unfortunately, the retail price of the Fit EV makes it difficult to justify based just on saving money on fuel. Even with the very low price of electricity versus gasoline, it would take many years to recoup the additional cost of purchasing the Fit EV. –Perry Stern


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