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2010 BMW 750Li xDrive — Flash Drive

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2014.
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The new BMW 750Li xDrive is one of the nicest luxury sedans on the market today. Equipped with a twin-turbo V8 engine and the all-wheel-drive xDrive system, the 750Li defies its weight and sprints like a cheetah. Sure, it gets only 15 mpg. But if you can afford the 750Li xDrive's $100,000 price tag, you probably don't care paying more at the pump to drive it. On the road, the 750Li is smooth and quiet; you feel as if you are driving on air. While the new iDrive system is definitely more refined than previous versions, it is still distracting — I had to take my eyes away from the road to look at the screen and the rotating knob several times. My only critique of the BMW 750Li is that the inside door handles are confusing and not intuitive to open. –Joe Chulick

If you're looking for a sports car the size of a limo, this is it. Typically, size and weight are enemies of speed and agility. Not so here. The 750Li feels nimble and speedy. Plus, it's incredibly luxurious and comfortable. Powered by an awesome 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that delivers 400 horsepower and, more importantly, 450 lb-ft of torque, the 750Li is very quick, without a hint of turbo lag. And it sounds killer under acceleration. BMW offers all-wheel drive for the first time on the 7-Series. BMW seems to have succeeded in tuning the xDrive system and the Integrated Chassis Management system to minimize understeer and deliver neutral handling characteristics. Manual shifting is accomplished with the console gear selector, but there are no steering wheel paddles or buttons. Finally, the new iDrive controller is better, but still too complicated and not intuitive. –Mike Meredith

If there's one thing the Germans do well, it's luxury performance sedans. The new BMW 750 is a perfect example. Exterior styling is understated but still looks good — nice to see BMW designs improving — and the interior is attractive. Rear-seat passengers get huge amounts of legroom, and the front seats have an amazing number of adjustments available to make the seat fit just about anyone. The new iDrive controller is still annoying; it took me five minutes to figure out how to adjust the radio manually. The interface screen is large, but I was surprised that there was no rear video camera for parking — an addictive feature that seems common on vehicles priced considerably less than the 750Li. The V8 engine sounds so good, and there's plenty of power on tap. Handling is tight and precise — impressive for a car of this size — and with the addition of all-wheel drive it remains impressive even in bad weather. Priced around $100K, the 750 is a serious contender in the European luxury sedan market. –Perry Stern


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