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2013 Acura ILX Hybrid: Flash drive review

By Staff of MSN Autos

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I don't like the hybrids from Acura or its parent company Honda. The Acura ILX hybrid is no exception. Unlike every other brand, the Acura and Honda hybrids do not offer a smooth experience for passengers or driver. In spite of a continuously variable transmission, the ILX cannot be driven smoothly. As the battery power starts and stops assistance to the gasoline engine, the ILX lurches and bucks disappointingly. It feels cheap in other ways, too. The dashboard surface continues the unbroken chain of ugly, 1980s black plastic that is in every Honda or Acura. Worst of all, the ILX is boring and depressing, which is certainly not what I want from my supposedly upmarket — and definitely overpriced — Acura choices. — Paul Hagger

The Acura brand has always been a benchmark of performance and luxury, but this ILX hybrid certainly misses the performance mark. I wasn't impressed with the standard ILX, and now this hybrid version takes Acura further from its roots. Honda's hybrid system provides an electric boost in power when needed, and shuts down the gas engine when stopped, but the electric motor never actually powers the car on its own. With only 111 horsepower, the ILX hybrid has one of the worst power-to-weight ratios on the market, and getting up to highway speeds takes all available power and a good amount of time. It's not all bad for the ILX hybrid — I did see 42 mpg on one trip to work. The ILX interior is nicely appointed, but the rear seat is a tight fit. With a price of $35,000 with the technology package, it's priced like an Acura but doesn't offer that brand's trademark performance. — Perry Stern


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