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2010 Toyota 4Runner — Flash Drive

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2010 to 2014.
By Staff of MSN Autos

The Toyota 4Runner has just been supersized — and not in a good way. Once a sharp-looking, highly capable, midsize off-roader, Toyota has morphed the 4Runner into a large, bland people-mover that is stylistically similar to its other cars. I think the 4Runner performs well in many categories. It is easy to drive, offers lots of cargo room, is comfortable and has a functional interior with easy-to-use chunky knobs and highly visible gauges. Even so, the new 4Runner has lost its rugged appeal. It is now just a mainstream Toyota. I miss the last-generation 4Runner. –Joe Chulick

The Toyota 4Runner is a thoroughly capable off-roader in the shape of a typical SUV, but it doesn't inspire me in the way a Toyota FJ Cruiser does. The FJ feels special and unique, while the 4Runner feels commonplace. As an unhappy compromise built on the platform of a true off-roader, the 4Runner is too softly sprung and has shock absorbers too gentle to ensure confidence when driven around town. Sure, it's bigger than an FJ Cruiser. You might even call it the minivan version of the ultimate off-roader. But don't you deserve a car that makes you feel special? One that seems like the perfect answer to whatever transportation question you're really asking? If so, then get an FJ Cruiser or some other SUV instead. –Paul Hagger

As the SUV market becomes heavy with crossovers, the 4Runner remains one of the last truck-based sport utes on the market. Toyota gave the 4Runner a makeover for 2010, and its new look takes some getting used to. It's shaped like the company's larger Land Cruiser, which is fine for the Land Cruiser. But the big-box design seems odd on the narrower 4Runner. Inside, however, the 4Runner looks good, with a spacious rear seat and plenty of cargo space. With high ground clearance and a sophisticated 4-wheel-drive system, the 4Runner is capable over the toughest terrain. The off-road ride is good, handling rough surfaces without being too jarring. Unfortunately, the soft suspension that absorbs bumps so well off-road makes for a spongy ride on pavement. Power is good and acceleration is impressive, and fuel economy in the mid-20s on the highway isn't bad. The 4Runner is a great choice if you have plans for off-road excursions, but if you're just looking for space for the family and all-wheel drive, a crossover may be a better choice. –Perry Stern


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