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2012 Lexus CT 200h — Flash drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

The CT200h regularly achieved over 40 mpg during my time with it, clearly qualifying it as the luxurious Lexus version of a Toyota Prius. It may look sporty, but the CT200h is very definitely focused on fuel economy. The looks imply performance that isn't really there; the 200h is slow enough that you need to think ahead when passing other cars. The looks also mean that it's pretty cramped inside, with letterbox windows that create big blind spots. But worst of all is the stupid mouse/joystick controller that Lexus uses in all its cars to control the navigation and radio. I will never recommend a Lexus until they change it. Although I have significant issues with the CT200h the fuel economy really impresses me and it does look cool. I understand why some people like it. — Paul Hagger

The Lexus CT 200h has a sporty, attractive design that is appealing, and I was looking forward to driving a fun, sporty car. Unfortunately, there is nothing fun or engaging about driving the CT 200h — it doesn't have much power, feels heavy and relies on fuel efficiency to win over new fans. Also, Lexus came up with a new controller for the CT 200h's navigation and infotainment system that falls somewhere between the controller in other cars and a computer mouse, and ends up being more difficult to use than it should be. The bottom line: The CT 200h is a great-looking car with sporty Lexus luxury that delivers 40 mpg. — Mike Meredith

I initially expected that the CT 200h would just be a Lexus version of the Prius, but I'm glad to say I was mistaken. Looking a bit like a small sport wagon, the CT has nice styling, especially our test car that was outfitted with the F Sport package. The interior looks good, but the sport seats were a bit tight and not terribly comfortable. Lexus continues to use the mouselike interface which just doesn't work very well; it requires watching the screen to use the pointer which is not conducive to watching the road. But the real surprise was that the CT is nice to drive; it handles well and has reasonable power. Many hybrids require you to drive them like hybrids — slow starts, lots of coasting — to get good fuel economy. But the CT came close to an impressive 40 mpg while driving like a normal car — an excellent feat for a hybrid. Overall it's a good-looking car with useful interior space that gets rather good fuel economy. I didn't think I'd like it but I did. — Perry Stern


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