2012 Jaguar XJ Series


2011 Jaguar XJL — Flash Drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

The Jaguar XJL is a very pretty car, but in my opinion it's a little color-sensitive. In white or black I think it's stunning, but silver just doesn't do the Jag's shape justice. But no matter what the exterior color, the interior of the XJL is truly gorgeous. With almost 500 horsepower, this big car manages to devour freeway miles and surge ahead with amazing vigor. The low-geared steering is also tuned for the highway, yet the big Jag can still handle like a sports car if you really get your arms moving. The seats are sumptuous, especially in the rear, where the extended wheelbase creates the kind of space that signals true luxury. Fold-down tray tables, dual rear TV screens, and a detachable entertainment system remote control are included, of course. Given all this space it's a little surprising to find that the front seats don't slide back as far as expected. Basketball stars will probably find that they need to sit more upright. – Paul Hagger

The 2011 Jaguar XJL Supercharged combines opulent luxury and effortless performance to create a truly remarkable luxury sedan. The latest version of the Jaguar flagship XJ Series has a distinctive modern design that captures the essence of Jaguar's elegant, high-performance luxury mystique. The heart of the XJL Supercharged is the 5.0-liter 470-horsepower supercharged V8 engine that delivers big torque across an impressive rpm range. With all that power on tap, and with its sophisticated, electronically adjustable suspension, the XJL drives like it's much smaller than it is. The XJL is the extended-wheelbase version, and the extra room is all in the rear seat, where passengers have limolike legroom. The interior design is as modern as the exterior, and includes high-tech features such as virtual LCD gauges, along with the fine luxury materials and attention to detail expected from a Jaguar; you'll even find picnic trays for rear-seat passengers. The XJL offers the owner the choice between being chauffeured in the lap of luxury or taking the wheel of an excellent sport sedan. – Mike Meredith

This new Jaguar is easily one of the most elegant cars on the road; however, it is quite a departure from the classic Jag styling. The XJ is very large — especially the "L" that we drove — but its proportions look perfect. Inside, it's like driving in your den. Beautiful wood trim wraps around the entire cabin, and seats are incredibly comfortable, offering heating, cooling and the best massaging seats I've ever experienced in a car. Gauges give the new Jag a high-tech feel, but rather than the standard dials, the driver sees a digital screen that displays high-resolution dials and is completely dynamic. Press "Menu," and the tachometer is replaced by the settings menu; put the car in performance mode, and the gauges take on a red background. The possibilities are endless. With a supercharged V8 engine under the long hood, this new Jag will never want for power, and the exhaust note makes the Jag sound like a muscle car. But handing the wheel to someone else so that you can enjoy the rear seat wouldn't be bad either. Rear-seat passengers sit in big, comfortable seats, heated or cooled, with plenty of legroom and small tables that fold out of the front seat backs. Past Jags were nice but never seemed to reach same level as the top Mercedes or BMW models. With this new Jag, the German competition may want to take notice. – Perry Stern


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