2012 Honda Accord


2011 Honda Accord — Flash Drive

This 2011 review is representative of model years 2008 to 2012.
By Staff of MSN Autos

I used to think the Honda Accord was the perfect car: efficient, smooth, well-made and pretty fast. And though its interior has never been luxurious, it never felt chintzy. But I've grown, and now I know that to make you happy over many years of ownership, cars can't only be efficient, they also need some character. The new Honda Accord has absolutely no character at all. It is bland where almost any other car is at least a little more flavorful or inspired. The Accord is boring, and I would soon tire of it or at least begin to ignore its good points. I'm certain that Honda can do better, if it would just consider the overall experience instead of focusing entirely on the engineering. –Paul Hagger

For 2011, the Honda Accord continues to go about its business of providing transportation without the risk of turning your drive into an engaging and enjoyable experience. There is really nothing to critique objectively about the specs and features of the Accord; everything is executed in a precise manner. But the result is so sterile and clinical that it's almost frustrating to drive. There are a couple of bright spots, though. First, the fantastic 3.5-liter 271-horsepower V6 engine, which revs quickly and threatens to add some spark to the Accord. And the no-nonsense interior is appealing. Regardless, neither is spectacular enough to overcome the boredom that shadows the rest of the package. –Mike Meredith

I've always thought of the Honda Accord as rather ho-hum, basic transportation. But I have to say, the 2011 is something different. It's not exciting to look at, especially with that wide grille. But the interior is nicely done — in the case our tester, with leather and wood trim — and there's a large back seat and plenty of trunk space. And it drives much better than I expected. With plenty of power from the V6 under the hood, acceleration is strong and handling is decent — more than adequate for most buyer needs. With a sticker of $32K for a fully loaded model, the Accord makes a good choice as a well-equipped family sedan. –Perry Stern


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