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This 2010 review is representative of model years 2010 to 2015.
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The Taurus is the first Ford in a long time that hasn't pleasantly surprised me. It just feels like a very big car. Of course, it actually is, or at least a full-size sedan with an enormous trunk. But that doesn't mean it has to be a dud to drive. One highlight: The seats are comfortable and supportive. However, that's because they are massively thick, not because they are well-designed. Another notable feature is the MyKey electric nanny system. Though it may be a comfort for some parents, I found the chimes and warnings to be a distraction and ultimately self-defeating. If you want to experience the best that American car companies have to offer, drive a different Ford. –Paul Hagger

The 2010 Ford Taurus is a huge leap forward, with an attention-grabbing new look that distances itself from the competition. One drive confirms that the changes are more than skin-deep; the 2010 Taurus delivers a well-controlled ride, is responsive to driver inputs and offers a good balance of power and fuel economy. Inside, there is lots of room for rear-seat passengers, and the materials are on par with or better than the rest of the vehicles in the full-size sedan category. A few hard plastic pieces still need to be upgraded, but overall the Taurus' interior receives high marks. The steering wheel needs to be slimmed down, though. It's chunky and oddly shaped and dulls the driving experience. –Mike Meredith

I don't think anyone will argue with the notion that sports cars can be sexy, but can a full-size sedan fall into that category? Based on the reaction the new Ford Taurus received during my time with it, I'd say yes. It really catches the eye with a long hood, short trunk lid and low roofline that could almost be called sleek. Inside, the Taurus is comfortable, with supportive seats that even offer optional back massagers. The rear seat, however, is not as big as I expected — still quite useful for three, though. It appears most of the usable cargo space is in the trunk, which is massive. While the Taurus is a big car, it doesn't feel heavy and handles well. Power from the V6 engine is more than adequate, and fuel economy approached 20 mpg in mostly city driving. –Perry Stern


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