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Flash Drive: 2010 Ford Flex EcoBoost

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2012.
By Staff of MSN Autos

The 2010 Ford Flex is a great way to haul six people, and the addition of Ford's new EcoBoost engine makes the experience better. It seems odd to describe a vehicle this big as nimble, but the additional power of Ford's new direct-injection, twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine really makes the Flex feel light on its feet and gives it the performance to back up the custom car looks. The EcoBoost does seem to deliver more Boost than Eco — I averaged less than 15 mpg — but it was fun. Our test car featured metallic black paint, a silver roof, 20-inch alloy wheels and a sweet black leather interior. Plus, Ford's Easy Fuel system, which eliminates the gas cap, is a great feature. –Mike Meredith

The Flex remains one of my favorite people movers — the seats are big and comfortable, adults can use the third row and the seats fold easily to provide a spacious, flat cargo space. The ride is comfortable, and the Flex handles like a much smaller car. Even so, its size is noticeable when you try to park. The big change for 2010 is the addition of Ford's new EcoBoost engine, which is more than up to the task of moving this 2-ton-plus vehicle. I knew it developed 355 horses, but was still amazed at how quickly this engine moves this big vehicle off the line. Strong power comes on quickly and is available at just about any rpm. While Boost was good, there wasn't much Eco. I averaged about 14.5 mpg in the city, which may be better than a V8, but isn't all that impressive. The EcoBoost engine also bumps the price up quite a bit — the engine itself adds $3,000. –Perry Stern

I loved the Ford Flex the first time I drove it, and after spending more time with it, I love it even more. The Flex looks cooler in person than in pictures, and is extremely spacious on the inside without being imposing to other traffic or to the driver. And this big car seems to defy physics by cornering fast and flat when pushed. But while the EcoBoost engine offers plenty of power, I'm not quite sure why "Eco" is in the name — it doesn't seem to offer any economy bonus. The Flex also offers adjustable pedals, as well as the typical steering-wheel adjustments, making it a good fit for any driver no matter how short or tall. Even the headrests felt better this time around, no longer pushing my head forward uncomfortably. Overall, the Ford Flex is wonderful! –Paul Hagger

The Ford Flex is a pretty decent people carrier. There is no lack of legroom or headroom in the front or rear seats. Inside, the Flex has nice materials and it appears that Ford is now paying more attention to the interior quality. While the Flex is longer than the Explorer, it feels like a more nimble and agile car in traffic because it rides lower. Unfortunately, the Flex is really too long to park in busy city downtowns or tight parking lots. But it really excels as a freeway cruiser. And when it is equipped with the EcoBoost engine, the 355-horsepower powerplant moves the Flex like a torpedo. –Joe Chulick


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