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2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 — Flash drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

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If this car was a Mercedes or a BMW, it would be a very good car. But the Charger SRT8 isn't a BMW or a Mercedes, it's a Dodge. And it's awesome! The massive Hemi V8 engine has prodigious power and offers acceleration that is almost startling. The sounds it makes are brilliant. The chassis is also up to the task and ranks up with the very best cars I've driven regardless of brand or price. The interior is a little "obviously American" and although the seats are supportive and comfortable they look a little over-stuffed; the Europeans do make better interiors than the domestic manufacturers. But I can forgive the seats' appearance. Even though I managed only 16 mpg I kept looking for excuses to drive the Charger SRT8. It's what American cars should be, and I absolutely love it. — Paul Hagger

I love a good muscle car — lots of power on tap and a throaty exhaust that at full throttle will scare the neighbors. But I also like a car to be useful for more than going fast, and Dodge has done a great job of blending these two qualities with the all-new Charger SRT8. Looking positively mean painted in Pitch Black, the Charger is an absolute blast to drive. Full throttle brings on the sound of tires squealing and a wonderful V8 exhaust note with impressive acceleration. Unlike muscle cars of the 1970s, this one actually handles well too, with firm suspension and sticky tires helping out. I saw a very un-muscle-car-like 16 mpg as well. Other nice touches include an comfortable, attractive interior with a roomy back seat, as well as a new touch-screen interface that is among the best I've ever used. One annoyance: On multiple occasions I inadvertently hit the downshift paddle on the steering wheel. But the Charger is definitely a car I'd be happy to park in my garage. — Perry Stern


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