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2010 Bentley Continental Supersports — Flash Drive

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2010 to 2013.
By Staff of MSN Autos

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In standard guise, the Bentley Continental GT is a wonderful car. But the new Supersports model is a notch — actually several notches — higher. Even those not "in the know" will recognize that this Bentley is something special. The pearlescent white paint is perfectly matched by the 20-inch black wheels, while the larger air intakes, hood vents and wider track further differentiate it from the stock model. Inside, the car is drop-dead gorgeous, outfitted with soft red leather and carbon-fiber accents. The rear seats have been replaced by a useful shelf, while the front seats are firm but comfortable. But the Supersports is much more than a pretty face; with 621 horsepower under the hood, it's also a rocket. With its "quickshift" automatic transmission, putting your foot to the floor results in incredible acceleration, with triple-digit speeds coming up in about nine seconds, according to Bentley. And it doesn't just go fast in a straight line; the handling is excellent. This is especially impressive considering this car weighs almost 5,000 pounds. There is no question that the Supersports is a supercar, and to further its credentials, it has the price and fuel economy to match. I saw around 10 mpg in my few very short days in this car. However, for the demographic that is looking at spending the $275,000 for the fastest Bentley ever, the fuel economy is likely not an issue. —Perry Stern

This new top-of-the line Bentley is a triple threat. With its extreme performance, ultraluxurious interior and exclusive demeanor, you can count on being seen, but only if you decide to slow down. The exterior looks aggressive, with the massive grill and huge tires, yet is still refined. The blacked-out rims look amazing on the car, and behind those rims are huge, pizza-platter-sized brakes to slow this beast down from high speeds. The interior is special, too; the blend of carbon-fiber and aluminum accents and hand-stitched red leather is Bentley's version of haute couture. The only major faults I noticed were that the navigation system is slightly difficult to use and the stiff race seats were uncomfortable. The best part of the Supersports is the strong acceleration and good handling from this 2.5-ton automobile. In order to own the fastest Bentley ever produced, expect to make a payment close to $275,000, which is equivalent to purchasing a single-family home. —Joe Chulick

The regular Bentley Continental is an awesome vehicle, yet the Supersports is far more incredible. With 621 horsepower, the ultimate modern Bentley almost matches the famed McLaren F1, the most incredible car ever made, for muscle. Yet the Bentley provides a level of safety, comfort and luxury that the earlier supercar could never match. Although the black wheels and white paint might make the Supersports look a little gaudy on the outside, on the inside the beautiful materials and construction create a sumptuous haven for the lucky driver and passenger. In the end it's the driver with the most luck though, as the steering is confidence-inspiring, faithful and rewarding. The engine is simply amazing, seemingly able to accelerate the big Bentley from 50 to 70 mph so quickly that you will likely be doing 90 mph instead. —Paul Hagger


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