2012 BMW 6-Series


2012 BMW 650i Convertible — Flash Drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

The BMW 650 convertible is a truly luxurious sports car. With the windows up and the top down you can cruise along at freeway speeds with only a little wind in your hair and all the sun you can handle. The ride is smooth and relaxed, but the 650i has a surprise in store. My favorite thing about this convertible coupe is not the luxury but the handling and the acceleration. When accelerating out of a corner the 650i just squats on its rear suspension and rockets forward. It's awesome and a big surprise, because I was expecting just luxury and not much fun. I could drive the 650i like a sports car all day long and think of the luxury as just a bonus. Much less impressive is the rear-seat legroom. For such a big car, it's amazing how little space there is back there -- it makes a Porsche 911 seem enormous inside. The BMW is prettier than the Porsche, though. Who would have thunk it? The BMW is the stylish, wild choice between the two. Paul Hagger

BMW's new 650i convertible is everything that a modern grand touring machine should be, with a powerful engine, a luxury interior and the latest high-tech suspension and electronic driver aids. BMW has always made drivers' machines, and the new 650i is cut from the same cloth, with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter 400-horsepower V8 engine. It's easy to get comfortable driving the 650i, and there is always abundant power available due to the broad torque curve of the turbocharged engine and the 8-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration is effortless, and the biggest problem is that the 650i quickly reaches posted speeds and just wants to keep on going; this is a car that you need to keep reined in. The interior of the 650i is sporty but highly refined, and our test car included the leather-covered dash with contrast stitching. When you want to enjoy the sun, the cloth top drops quickly and there is room for four, although rear-seat room is tight, making the 650i a personal car for two with occasional two-plus-two use. Mike Meredith

I am quite conflicted about the new BMW 6-Series convertible. On one hand, it is a beautiful car with the top up or down. The interior is not only attractive, but the seats are comfortable and supportive, and as expected, all materials are top-notch. And with a twin-turbo 400-horsepower V8 engine under the hood, there is no lacking for power. Acceleration is strong and smooth, always accompanied by a wonderful V8 soundtrack. BMW remains the master of suspension and handling; the 6-Series offers a comfortable ride while still providing excellent handling. But its great looks and excellent power and handling are offset by too many annoyances. The i-drive interface remains frustrating when trying to find basic things like radio presets or a method of tuning, and other functions just take too many steps to reach. I tried the navigation system's voice-activation, but it could only get me to the destination entry, then I would have to manually enter the destination to continue. Even the turn signals didn't function as expected. Often, I had to manually turn off the signal, typically turning on the signal for the opposite direction in the process. All of these things may seem minor, but in a car that easily tops $100K, it's unfortunate that these little annoyances leave such a bad impression of what could be an amazing car. Perry Stern


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