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2012 Audi A7: Flash Drive

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The Audi A7 is beautiful. In person, I think it gives even the Aston Martin Rapide a run for its money in the looks department, and that's really saying something. Yet the A7's beauty isn't only skin-deep. The A7 is also more fun to drive than many smaller cars offered by Audi. It steers like a much smaller car, responsive and nimble. Although the engine is only 3 liters, it is fitted with a supercharger and, thus, develops plenty of power. It feels quick about town and on the freeway. The interior is spacious, but the A7 is strictly a 4-seater. Instead of a bench seat, the rear seating consists of two individual buckets. Overall, I loved it! The one we drove was $66,000 and seems like quite a bargain to me. –Paul Hagger

The A7 is another beautiful design from Audi. It's a sleek and elegant car that is also sporty and dynamic. Although the A7 is a big car, Audi has succeeded in making it agile and responsive, causing it to feel much smaller than it is. The 3.0 TFSI supercharged engine has great power on tap, and the 8-speed automatic transmission does an amazing job of keeping you in the power whenever you need it. It also gets great mileage: 18 mpg city/28 mpg highway. The interior is elegant yet sporty, with lots of dark, satin-finish wood. But it also seems as if the designers are trying a little too hard, with so many different shapes and angles. The instrument cluster has a 3-D design, with the largest dials floating and angled toward the driver and other gauges on different planes. –Mike Meredith

I never would have thought any company could pull off a big, sexy hatchback, but Audi has done just that with the new A7. Similar to the Mercedes CLS, the A7 carries through the lines of a coupe, looking a bit like an A5 from certain angles. But it doesn't just look good; performance is impressive, too. For such a large car, the A7 is agile, with light steering and impressive grip. Power is good, too. The interior is comfortable; however, my rear-seat passengers found the low-slung body difficult to climb in and out of, especially in tight parking spaces. One of the coolest new features is the integration of Google Earth into the navigation system, making it much easier to identify your location and destination. If this is the next generation of Audi, it would appear the company is continuing to head in the right direction. –Perry Stern


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