2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser


2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser — Flash Drive

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2007 to 2014.
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The FJ Cruiser certainly looks like it's built to go off-road. Our tester was outfitted with Toyota's bold Trail Teams (TT) Special Edition package, which includes Sandstorm paint, a color-keyed roof, blacked-out hood, and black grille, mirrors, door handles and bumpers. It also has Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), TRD bead-lock-style alloy wheels, trail-tuned Bilstein shocks and rock rails. The all-terrain tires made steering a bit tough, but overall the ride in the FJ was much smoother than expected. Power is decent, although the engine is a bit loud at higher rpms. Cargo space is more than adequate, and the rear seats fold down to create a large, flat loading space. The left-hinged cargo door opens wide for easy access, but needs a lot of space behind the vehicle to fully open. The rear access door makes it easy to get into the rear seat, but you won't find a lot of legroom back there. The FJ is a great choice if you are planning to do some serious off-roading — or if you just want people to think that you are — but as an everyday SUV, other choices on the market might fit the bill better. –Perry Stern

The FJ Cruiser is a modern African safari vehicle. Equipped with large, knobby tires, good ground clearance and a boxy frame, the FJ would make you feel more at home on the Serengeti than commuting on the freeway. But the FJ is a remarkable all-around car. It is comfortable and quiet driving in the city or out on the freeway. The engine is powerful, so don't expect great gas mileage. I achieved 16.5 mpg in mixed driving. Because of the tall ground clearance, it is tough for older people and small children to get in and out of the FJ. And the upright windshield gets lots of impact from road debris; I had two large rock cracks in the window within one day of driving the FJ. –Joe Chulick

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is now my dream SUV. Most urban assault vehicles strike me as all image and no substance, but the FJ is full of substance. It has off-road ability that you can't ignore, with small wheels and big tires to conquer tough terrain. The engine feels thoroughly untaxed; with plenty of torque it can easily spend all day under 2500 rpm. There is lots of ground clearance and a relatively high step up to enter that will take some getting used to, but the resulting reclinerlike seating position is surprisingly comfortable. The FJ is also narrow enough to be a breeze to handle on the road, fitting in a traffic lane in exactly the way that a Hummer doesn't. I can't think of a better car to use as an escape vehicle from a disaster, and also be comfortable in every day (in case the disaster never comes). –Paul Hagger


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