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Flash Drive: 2008 Scion xD

This 2008 review is representative of model years 2008 to 2014.
By Staff of MSN Autos

It may not be the most fuel-efficient, cheapest or the coolest car on the road, but the Scion xD does possess qualities that make it a great daily commuter. The moment I sat in the driver’s seat I felt as if I were sitting in a crossover SUV because it was so high. But that’s a good thing for anyone who has trouble seeing the road. The xD is a fun little car with decent get-up-and go and good handling. The engine is by no means a powerhouse but it did pleasantly surprise me. As for fuel economy, the hatchback is no Prius but averaged 35 mpg in combined city and highway driving, exceeding the EPA’s estimates of 27/33. There is ample room for rear passengers but trunk space is good for groceries only. Starting under $15,000, this is definitely a car for the fuel-conscious to consider. Johnny Pak

The Scion xD is more stylish than the xA it replaces, but falls short of being able to be called attractive. The short hood, high beltline and squared-off rear give the xD odd proportions. Since form follows function, the odd shape does create useful space inside; the cargo area can hold two large suitcases and a briefcase without folding the rear seat. The aft seat is comfortable for two, and the boxy shape provides plenty of headroom both front and rear. I was able to achieve 32 mpg in combined city and highway driving in the xD, but there’s not a lot of power available. This newest Scion works well as efficient, useful transportation, but with the price of our test car exceeding $16,000, the xD is venturing out of the first-car-buyer territory. Perry Stern

The Scion xD is a great example of how good entry-level cars have become. Priced at $16,444 with stability control and a security system, the xD has an unusual style that provides more driving pleasure than your ordinary econobox. It has a high beltline, aggressive fender flares and standard 16-inch wheels. Although a straightforward, basic car, the xD has responsive steering, linear brakes, a solid feel to the chassis and decent power, yet delivers excellent fuel economy — I averaged 32 mpg overall. The equipment level inside is impressive with comfortable sport seats, both aux and iPod input jacks, steering wheel audio controls, and a cool single gauge that incorporates both the speedometer and tachometer. The red metallic paint is impressive — it smacks of Lexus. The xD makes a great commuter car. Mike Meredith


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