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2011 Mazda Mazda2 — Flash Drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

I am glad that the execs at Mazda decided to import the Mazda2 into the States. This subcompact car is full of style and is great for commuters. Equipped with a manual transmission, the engine really comes alive in this light car, and the Mazda2 felt peppy. In mixed driving, I achieved 33 mpg. The Mazda2 was comfortable to drive in traffic, and nimble during city driving. There is enough cargo room for a weekend excursion for two people, but you would need to fold down the rear seats. Priced affordably at $16K, the Mazda2 should jump off the lot. If you are considering a Ford Fiesta, you have to take a look at the Mazda2. –Joe Chulick

The Mazda2 is a fun little car that shows just how far $16,500 can go. As one might expect, it offers sprightly performance. What one might not expect is that the interior is surprisingly spacious for such a small car, and the materials feel substantial and high-quality compared with its peers. Fuel economy is good; I achieved more than 30 mpg in mostly city driving with a little fun thrown in. The only disappointment is that the Mazda2 doesn't have as much character or charm as some others in this segment. But what it lacks in charm it makes up for in savings for your wallet. I'd be happy to own this car. –Paul Hagger

The Mazda2 is a perfect addition to the Mazda lineup. The familiar styling cues instantly tell all that this is a Mazda, and while the interior is nothing fancy, the red accents give it a sporty feel. The dash-mounted manual shifter adds to that sportiness — it is a little unusual but felt absolutely right. It also offers a usable rear seat and has plenty of cargo space. And like every other Mazda car, this one is great fun to drive. It doesn't have a lot of power — this is most noticeable when trying to accelerate at highway speeds — but in town the Mazda2 zips around just fine. The ride is surprisingly smooth, as well. I averaged 33 mpg during my test drive. Well-equipped for $16K, Mazda2 is a great fuel-efficient option in the growing small-car market. –Perry Stern


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