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The Honda Odyssey has always been my favorite Honda product. It's perfectly suited to its task, brilliantly engineered, and has an abundance of features to beguile a large family. The only obstacle facing the Odyssey is that there are so many other wonderful minivans to choose from. All of them, the Odyssey included, have cup holders, storage compartments, sun screens and visors hidden everywhere yet always at your fingertips. They all have easy-folding seats and comfortable space for passengers. If the salesperson tells you the Honda is missing a feature it's most likely that the salesperson is wrong. The biggest unique advantage of the Odyssey is that it's a little narrower and easier to park in your garage than other people movers. The biggest failing is that its steering is a little too "upright" and vanlike. –Paul Hagger

The ultimate practical family vehicle, Honda's Odyssey has been one of the most popular minivans for years. The new design for 2011 adds some style to the traditional minivan profile, including a very unique shape to the side windows. Inside, the Odyssey Touring Elite is more luxury car than utility vehicle, with leather seats, 16-inch widescreen for the DVD entertainment system and enough other amenities to push the sticker over $44,000. In a day when many SUVs drive like sport sedans, Honda has done nothing to the ride or handling of the Odyssey to make it fun to drive. While the engine and transmission are strong and work well, the steering is disconnected and feels like it's straight out of a 1980s Accord. You won't be tempted to seek out your favorite twisty back road in this beast — every time you get behind the wheel, it reminds you, "You're driving a minivan!" –Mike Meredith

The word "utility" might not be part of their names, but minivans offer considerably more utility than the typical SUV. And Honda's Odyssey is no exception. It has a huge interior. Unlike many minivans, the Odyssey's third-row seat offers enough room for two adults, and is one of the easiest to fold flat for added cargo space. It's also outfitted with some neat tech, specifically the rear-seat entertainment system; its widescreen display lets passengers view video from two different sources at the same time. While handling and steering is rather vanilla, the Odyssey's V6 engine provides adequate power for most situations. –Perry Stern


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