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This 2010 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2011.
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The 2010 Honda Element is not a large car by any means, but it has a ton of space for passengers and cargo. The rear passenger doors are configured to open to the rear, like "suicide doors" of old, for easy loading and unloading of people or gear. The rear seats fold up against the left and right side of the vehicle as well as fold flat, providing a large amount of unobstructed room for cargo. And the vehicle's floor is vinyl, so cleanup is a breeze. While it's not exactly a powerhouse, I was surprised by how well the Element scooted along. However, I was a bit disappointed by fuel economy; low 20 mpg is not so good for a small crossover like this one. –Perry Stern

Honda was one of the first automakers to bring a funky compact SUV to the United States. After seven years on the market, the Element still looks as unique and different as it did when it arrived. As a previous owner, I always appreciated how functional it is for so many tasks. When you detach the modular rear seats from the floor, you are able to transport large boxes. The floor is made out of a rubberlike material, so it's easy to wipe up mud and dirt. If you are carrying more than five people, the Element falls short, though, as it only has rear seats for four.
Joe Chulick

The Honda Element is a commercial van for your everyday personal use. As advertised, the interior really does feel as if you could hose it down when it is dirty, with no need for careful or delicate care. At first, like a commercial vehicle, the Element provides no sense of luxury and offers only basic comforts. You sit in a very upright position, your feet almost directly below your knees. The steering wheel is not actually as flat as the wheel in a bus, but it feels remarkably close. The rear seats can fold up to the side, but removing them is awkward, especially considering that Honda has excellent methods for removing seats from the more conventional Honda Odyssey.
Paul Hagger


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