2011 Honda Accord


Flash Drive: 2008 Honda Accord EX

This 2008 review is representative of model years 2008 to 2012.
By Staff of MSN Autos

Perhaps the perfect automotive appliance, the Accord is an accountant’s dream — it does everything objectively needed from a car in a perfectly efficient manner. What it doesn’t do is deliver a rewarding driving experience. The steering is quick and precise, but it has a strange on-center feel and artificial resistance. The interior ergonomics are second to none, with thoughtful storage and a convenient power outlet and audio input jack in the center console. Power from the 4-cylinder is excellent, probably making the V6 overkill. It would be nice to have a lock-out between Drive and D3, since it’s easy to bump the shifter into D3 without noticing, causing the engine to run at higher rpm, and hurting fuel consumption. Mike Meredith

The Honda Accord has always been the frugal, practical choice for a midsize family car, and the newest version is no exception. The exterior is bland and recalls a first-generation Saturn, with its characteristic crease along the side. This version of the Accord is like a plastic and metal chair from your cafeteria. The interior materials are hard, bland and unattractive, but they seem incredibly robust. And like that cafeteria chair, you can be instantly comfortable and ready to consume without undue ceremony. Visibility is good, the interior is airy and the engine revs smoothly but without character. It’s such an unassuming vehicle that you drive it quickly because there’s little else to enjoy. Paul Hagger

The Honda Accord is consistently one of most popular cars in America, and for good reason. The interior is spacious with comfortable seating front and rear, as well as plentiful trunk space. Controls are all easy to find, and there’s a number of cubbies and storage spots for all your stuff. The base 4-cylinder engine offers ample power for everyday driving while rated at 31 mpg on the highway. But the Accord is in no way perfect. The steering provides no feedback, only constant tension while trying to bring the wheel back to center, reminiscent of a video game console. The brakes are very difficult to modulate, and it takes a practiced touch to apply them smoothly. The Accord does the job it was designed to do, but if driving enjoyment is a requirement it may not be the appropriate choice. Perry Stern


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