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Flash Drive: 2010 Acura TSX V6

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2014.
By Staff of MSN Autos

For 2010, Acura's small TSX sports sedan moves into new territory with the addition of an available 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine. Up until now, the TSX has been powered exclusively by a high-revving 4-cylinder. The new V6 improves overall drivability with a lot more midrange torque. Though heavier than the standard TSX, the V6 has a quick and nimble feel to the steering and a nice overall balance. The ride is firm but not harsh. At the limit (it was raining), the TSX quickly transitions to understeer, since the traction control is not overly aggressive and allows a little front-wheel slip under power. Inside, the TSX has nice materials but the feel is more sport than luxury, with firm leather sport seats and a perfectly sized 3-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters. The TSX is a sporty sedan that is fun to drive. I can't help but imagine how good it would be if the power was delivered to the rear wheels. –Mike Meredith

The Acura TSX benefits from the world-beating engine technology developed by the Honda Motor Co. In the past, these brilliant engines (some of the smoothest engines I've ever tried) also offered some of the lowest emissions available. But the TSX is only classified as an ultralow-emissions vehicle, where some competitors are classified as partially zero-emission vehicles. Looking past the engine, the TSX is disappointing. The dashboard cover is the same black, cheap-looking plastic Acura has used for years. –Paul Hagger

For auto enthusiasts, more power is always a good thing, so plugging a 280-horsepower V6 into the sporty Acura TSX sure seems like a good idea. But that's a lot of power to put through the front wheels. Even gentle acceleration resulted in wheel spin, so launching the car from a standstill takes some getting used to. But once you're in motion, this car really moves. The automatic transmission (the only option with the V6) works well, shifting quickly and smoothly, and that engine sounds great when the revs hit 4000 rpm. But the extra 200 pounds the larger engine adds are noticeable — understeer is considerable when going into a fast corner, much more so than in the more agile 4-cylinder TSX. Being an Acura, the interior is nicely done, with stylish leather seats and premium materials; however, I found the rear seat to be rather cramped. The TSX V6 is fast, but I wouldn't exactly call it fun to drive, and with a price of around $38,000, it would be hard to justify. –Perry Stern


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