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Restyled for 2010, the MKZ looks good, carrying on the styling of the more expensive members of the Lincoln lineup. The interior is also upscale, with comfortable leather seats and a roomy rear seat. The MKZ provides a smooth, quiet ride, and while power is not extraordinary, it is more than adequate for most situations. In mostly city driving, I saw 17 mpg. But even with the upscale interior materials and trademark Lincoln styling, the MKZ feels more like a flashy Fusion than a true Lincoln, especially not one meriting a $42,000 price tag. With so many other premium sedans available that offer more features and cost less, the MKZ is a hard sell for me. – Perry Stern

Lincoln's entry-level luxury sedan, the MKZ, has been redesigned for 2010. The most noticeable changes are a larger signature split-wing grille and LED taillights. The MKZ is pretty quick, even with all-wheel drive, thanks to the more powerful 263-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine. The 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission works well with the engine and has a nice feel to the manual shift mode, with a smooth but distinct motion for each gear selection. The all-wheel drive gives the MKZ a balanced overall feel and minimizes understeer when accelerating by directing power to the rear axle. Interior materials are upgraded, and the ambient lighting with adjustable colors is a nice touch. The Sync technology package makes it simple to connect and use a phone while in the car. The Blind Spot Information System provides information via the warning lights in the outside mirrors without being overly intrusive. – Mike Meredith

The Lincoln MKZ provides a smooth and comfortable ride. While it is a midsize luxury car, it drives like its larger brother, the Lincoln Town Car. On the exterior, the recognizable Lincoln styling includes the large chrome grille, which seems supersized. The interior is top-notch. Passengers are surrounded with luxurious leather seats and attractive walnut accents. However, I did find that the stereo and climate controls appeared to be too small on the center console. Fortunately, the Sync technology package eliminates the need to touch most of the buttons. Other minor complaints: The back seat was a little tight on headroom and legroom, and the ignition startup sound had an annoying tone. I was able to achieve 21 mpg in mixed driving, which was also disappointing. – Joe Chulick

The MKZ is the least expensive car Lincoln offers, but it's still too expensive in my opinion. The MKZ has a high waist that doesn't feel cosseting but claustrophobic; the high waist limits the view from the driver's seat but doesn't provide more comfort or a greater sense of safety. Other than the styling, the MKZ is just a car like any other. It's a little bit more luxurious than most cars, but not much, and it certainly doesn't exude a feeling of quality or luxury. The seats in the MKZ are the shared with many other Ford family products, so they are comfortable and wide. In the end, though, the MKZ's mundane looks and unexceptional character make it feel overpriced. – Paul Hagger


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