2010 Ford F-150


2010 Ford F-150 Raptor — Flash Drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

This Raptor is a beast of a truck. Ford equipped this highly modified F-150 with beefy tires, off-road suspension and a flared body design. All the upgrades make the truck look tough and ready for serious off-road action. Its big V8 engine provides lots of low-end grunt, which rockets the truck forward at low speeds. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take it off-road and see how the suspension was set up. Because the Raptor sits so high, the truck's only everyday problem might be loading items like a dirt bike into the truck bed. –Joe Chulick

The 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a high-performance, off-road, 4-wheel-drive truck, built by Ford's SVT performance division. Wider, taller and badder than any other F-150 trim, the Raptor is ready to tackle desert maneuvers, with its Fox Racing Shox, 35-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires and a 5.4-liter 320-horsepower V8 engine. Our tester was Molten Orange with a bold black grille, hood extractors and fender vents. Inside, the orange color scheme carried over to the seats, door panels, center stack and steering wheel; it was quite striking. Surprisingly, the Raptor makes a good truck for the street, with lots of power and a good ride despite the off-road modifications. You will have to make some adjustment for the truck's extra height and width, however. –Mike Meredith

If the phrase "you are what you drive" has any truth to it, I'm not sure I want to meet the guy who drives the F-150 Raptor. Everything about this truck is aggressive and over-the-top, from its raised suspension and unique grille to the bold orange paint and snarling exhaust. With big off-road tires and a special suspension, the Raptor is built to handle all sorts of terrain. Surprisingly, one of them is asphalt; the ride on the pavement was smooth and comfortable. The seats are supportive, the controls are easy to operate and the rear seat offers enough room for small passengers or, with the seats folded, space for luggage or packages. Ford has introduced an innovative tailgate step that makes loading the bed easy — one of those features that make you wonder why nobody had thought of it before. Is the Raptor practical? No. But it does a lot of things well, not just run off-road. –Perry Stern


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