2010 Dodge Journey


2010 Dodge Journey R/T — Flash Drive

By Staff of MSN Autos

While the Dodge Journey R/T achieves the task of moving people from point A to point B, this crossover seems outdated and desperately in need of a refresh. From the slightly anemic V6 powerplant to the interior full of plastic, this crossover is — well, not good. I particularly did not like the poor gas mileage; I achieved a measly 14 mpg in mixed city/highway driving. And while I found the second- and third-row seats comfortable to sit in, people 6 feet or taller will experience a serious lack of headroom. In addition, the A pillar significantly blocks driving visibility when making turns. And finally, in this age of driver distraction, I still can't believe that certain Journey models do not come with standard steering-wheel-mounted audio controls. Dodge needs to go back to the drawing board with this utility vehicle, because at the $30K price point, it is way overmatched by the competition. –Joe Chulick

The 2010 Dodge Journey R/T does everything a midsize crossover needs to do, but does little to impress. There's really nothing wrong with it, but there is also nothing that grabs your attention — unless you're a big fan of storage bins. The exterior design is conservative but immediately recognizable as a Dodge. Inside, there is a lot more hard plastic than you would like to find, and the overall quality of materials doesn't seem on par with what you find in the competition from Hyundai or Kia. The 3.5-liter V6 engine delivers good power, but the fuel economy is average at best. Steering is smooth and consistent but vague, and the ride is just average. Unfortunately, driving the Journey R/T is underwhelming, which makes it tough to compete in a segment where there are so many good vehicles. –Mike Meredith

I always look forward to driving the R/T versions of Dodge models because they bring added performance, power and driving enjoyment. Unfortunately, the R/T badge on the Journey didn't represent any of those qualities. While the 235-horsepower V6 engine provided sufficient power, I wouldn't call it high-performance. Suspension makes for a comfortable ride, but cornering feels sloppy, even for a 7-passenger crossover. While I was disappointed that the R/T badge didn't have much meaning here, the crossover has a number of cool features. The back-seat satellite TV is easy to operate and is popular with the kids. The built-in flashlight in the cargo area is convenient, and I like the cooler in the glove box. The third row of seats works well for passengers and folds down easily to create a large cargo space. The Journey has some great features and works well as a crossover. Unfortunately, it isn't that enjoyable to drive. –Perry Stern


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