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Flash Drive: 2009 Dodge Journey SXT AWD

This 2009 review is representative of model years 2009 to 2010.
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A little late to the party, the Journey is Dodge's first entry into the busy crossover market. With a modern interpretation of the classic Dodge styling cues, such as the familiar cross-hair grille, the Journey is a good-looking vehicle. Inside, there are a number of unique stowage ideas, from the chilled glove box designed to hold water bottles or soda cans to the secret cubby under the front passenger seat. Seats are comfortable, and there is plenty of room in the rear seat and the cargo areas. Seating for seven is available, however our tester did not have the optional third row. The ride is quite smooth, but the soft suspension makes the Journey mushy when cornering or swerving suddenly. While our tester had the largest engine option — the 235-horse V6 — I found power lacking in most situations, especially when tackling hills. Unfortunately, the lack of power was not made up for with good fuel economy — the best I could achieve was an indicated 18 mpg with mostly highway driving. Not a bad vehicle, but in such a tight market, not bad just isn't good enough. –Perry Stern

The Dodge Journey is functional people mover. It can carry up to seven people, or you can stow the seats flat and create lots of room in the back. It is easy to move the seats around to get in and out quickly. If you are a fan of lots of storage space and cupholders, the Journey has you covered. There is even a beverage cooler in the glove box, which is a neat feature for road trips. Around town, I was able to generate only 19 mpg in mixed driving. Also, it would be nice if steering-wheel controls for the audio system were available on the base version of the car. The Journey can get the job done, but don't be surprised to see the price reach $30K if you check off some of the seating and entertainment options. –Joe Chulick

I've never liked the term "crossover" to describe cars. I suppose a crossover is a compromise between an SUV and a minivan (itself a compromise between a car and a van). Dodge invented the minivan, and the new Dodge Journey is more minivan than crossover. Unlike a minivan, the Journey doesn't have sliding doors. It does have plenty of storage bins throughout, though, even under the front passenger seat. The Journey looks better than most minivans, and is more fun to drive, too. It achieved more than 18 mpg in city driving for me. I like the Dodge Journey, and it seems my neighbors do, too, as I see more and more of them in driveways around my town. –Paul Hagger


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