2009 Nissan Armada


Flash Drive: 2009 Nissan Armada

By Staff of MSN Autos

You want big, the Armada delivers in spades. Between its cavernous interior and sturdy Titan-based chassis, this most massive of all Nissans is designed to haul. Whether it’s tons of gear, a cabin full of road trippers or your favorite boat, trailer or RV, there’s little the Armada can’t tackle. In doing so, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the comfortable interior (our tester was decked out in leather and wood) and decent road manners. Also brace yourself for gas mileage in the mid-teens, about average for a full-size SUV, but still an eye-opener at the pump. Both on road and off, the Armada feels huge at first, but slowly shrinks the more time you spend behind the wheel. So while it could never be mistaken for nimble, the Armada remains both capable and comfortable regardless of the task, terrain or conditions thrown its way. – Kim Wolfkill

The Armada is a spacious and luxurious SUV, providing room for up to seven passengers and allowing you to travel to the ski resort or golf course in style. The leather and wood accents in the cabin are top-notch, and the seats are comfortable during long drives. The Armada also provides the driver a great view of traffic, thanks to the elevated ride height and lack of blind spots. Legroom and headroom in the first and second rows are great. However, the large and heavy Armada also delivers poor gas mileage: I achieved 16 mpg in mixed driving. Fortunately, it takes regular unleaded gasoline, which helps the wallet a bit. Beware of trying to share a home garage with an Armada; it will most likely not leave any room for another car. Joe Chulick

The Nissan Armada is an enormous truck and seems out of place in the modern world. Sure it’s comfortable to sit in and to drive, but to me the Armada is about the ugliest SUV ever made (the Pontiac Aztek was really a minivan, so it doesn’t count). Its large size makes it a pain to park; it’s not just long and tall, but it’s also a little too wide to easily fit in a typical parking space. The Armada gets the miserable fuel economy you would expect of such a large SUV. Even with all the mirrors well-adjusted, the Armada has large blind spots, so I would recommend attentive driving at all times. Overall, if you need the interior space, I think better choices are available (the Ford Flex, for example). Paul Hagger


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