2009 Lexus LS 460


Flash Drive: 2009 Lexus LS460

By Staff of MSN Autos

For around $80,000, one can expect to get a pretty sweet luxury sedan, and the LS460 definitely delivers. While it won’t stand out in a crowd, the LS460 definitely looks the part of a flagship vehicle, with clean, sleek lines. Inside, the seats are comfortable and roomy, and there’s plenty of wood and leather and all sorts of electronic goodies. Pairing my Bluetooth phone has never been easier — voice prompts walked me through the less than two-minute process. The V8 is strong and sounds good under hard acceleration, and the ride is smooth and quiet, but not all is perfect. The price paid for a cloudlike ride is that the driver is completely removed from the road. Brakes are extremely touchy and difficult to modulate, as if the pressure applied is not directly affecting the brakes. Steering is numb. And while you don’t feel the bumps in the road, you don’t really feel the road at all. There are multiple adjustments for the suspension and transmission. In fact, there are so many buttons in this car that I couldn’t figure out what they were all for. Bottom line, the LS is a great luxury car, but not a driver’s car. – Perry Stern

It is easy to see why Lexus always tops the JD Power satisfaction ratings. The LS460 is a perfect example of Lexus delivering on every customer’s automotive desire. The interior of the LS460 is top-notch. From the fantastic seats, to the awesome Mark Levinson stereo, to the easy to use controls, Lexus makes the driving experience enjoyable. The car tested came with the all-wheel-drive drivetrain, which complemented the powerful V8 quite well. This is a heavy car with a strong engine, yet the 8-speed transmission helped it achieve 19 mpg in mixed driving. The rear seats had generous legroom, and when adjusting the optional power rear seats, you will feel like you have a comfortable La-Z-Boy chair inside your car. While Lexus can be accused of sterilizing the driving experience, it definitely builds one of the best all-around luxury sedans in the auto business. – Joe Chulick

Owner reviews of the LS460 on MSN Autos frequently label it the perfect car. Having driven it myself, I can see why. The new LS460 manages to be even more of what Lexus is most famous for: a mixture of performance and luxury with an enormous helping of quiet, for good measure. There is plenty of space for passengers and their luggage, including the most rear legroom I can remember on almost any car. From a performance perspective, the LS460 gently picks up speed but never feels out of breath when you need to pass another car on the freeway. Paul Hagger


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