2009 Hyundai Genesis


Flash Drive: 2009 Hyundai Genesis

By Staff of MSN Autos

The 2009 Hyundai Genesis is an impressive car and a great leap forward for the Korean brand. The styling is eye-catching due to the flowing lines and the dominant grille. The model I tested was equipped with the 290 horsepower, 6-cylinder engine, which is very refined, delivers good propulsion and provided a notable 22 mpg during city driving. Inside the car, the wood accents and leather are attractive and provided a welcoming, high-quality driving atmosphere. Passengers in the back seat have plenty of legroom and headroom. And the available technology package is comparable to offerings from Lexus and Infiniti. Driving the Genesis is rewarding because it is comfortable, smooth and affordable, compared with its competition. If you are in the market for a luxury car, you should definitely consider the Genesis and think about all the savings you can keep in your pocket. -Joe Chulick

At first glance, it's tough to tell what the Genesis is — Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti? The lines are agreeable, the proportions pleasing and the overall impression one of unassuming elegance. Inside, a well-designed cockpit and quality switch gear continue to satisfy without screaming for attention. And like the rest of the car, its on-road manners deliver the luxury goods with little fuss or bother. That the Genesis is built by Hyundai may initially come as a surprise. But after a few hours behind the wheel, it's the quiet cabin, comfortable ride and excellent road manners that impress, not the badge on the trunk. That said, it's still hard not to think about how Hyundai's new $35,000 sedan manages to mirror the driving experience of luxury cars costing thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) more, while at the same time offering levels of refinement, space and performance that others in its price segment can't touch. -Kim Wolfkill

The Genesis is Hyundai's first foray into the luxury segment. It is stylish, sophisticated and a great value. The Genesis' style is elegant, yet subtle. While it doesn't necessarily stand out in the crowd, it comes off looking sharp and luxurious. Its interior is beautiful and well-executed, with quality trim materials and lighting. We did notice a rough edge on the trim of the shifter in our test car, but the overall, tolerances were very impressive. The 270-horsepower 3.8-liter V6 delivers smooth, strong power, but the 6-speed automatic doesn't shift as quickly or smoothly as some competitors and doesn't match rpm on downshifts. The suspension tuning offers a nice balance between control and comfort. While the steering feel isn't as direct as in some European competitors, the steering responds quickly and consistently to give the driver a feeling of confidence. The Genesis delivers a quiet, smooth, luxurious ride at a great value compared with the competition. -Mike Meredith

Hyundai continues their steady march up-market, towards a more varied model lineup. The Genesis extends the automaker's reach into the entry-level luxury car market. The Genesis is more spacious when compared to, say, the similarly-sized BMW 5 or Audi A6. Plus, it is less expensive. The engine sounds a little primitive from the outside but don't let that discourage you; from inside, the whole car is quiet (except the radio) and the engine is powerful and smooth. Like the better competitors in this segment, the Genesis also has a responsive suspension and steering. It's a worthy peer to the traditional leaders in the small luxury segment, and is appropriately priced almost as expensively as those peers. Overall, the Genesis a pleasant surprise. -Paul Hagger


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