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Flash Drive: 2009 Ford Edge Sport

This 2009 review is representative of model years 2007 to 2010.
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When the Edge was introduced, it was the first of a string of good-looking vehicles to come out of Ford Motor Co. Our tester was the top-level Sport model which, among other amenities, boasted 22-inch wheels. And while these big wheels may seem a bit over the top, combined with the dark glass and big dual-exhaust pipes, this Edge is a real head-turner. Inside, there's an amazing amount of space — rear-seat passengers have plenty of legroom and there's easily room for three on the wide bench seat. Cargo space is also plentiful, with easy access through the large hatch. Power is adequate, but I wouldn't call it thrilling, and while the Edge handles well enough, the low-profile tires made for a stiff ride. With the great styling, attractive interior and Ford's innovative Sync system, the Edge is a great option in the crowded crossover market. – Perry Stern

The Ford Edge never made much sense to me. It looks gratuitously crossover-ish, and, personally, I think the whole crossover category is daft. But, after driving one, the Edge makes a lot more sense to me. It's really Ford's answer to the popular Subaru Outback; i.e., it is a go-anywhere, do-well-in-town, carry-stuff and master-the-snow kind of ride. In the case of the Edge, you also get a commanding view of the road without all the drawbacks of a real sport utility. The Edge is bigger than I thought — it easily carries one of my large dog crates. But it still is convenient in town and not too big for driving through crowded streets. In fact, the Edge is so sensible I wonder why Ford has a habit of promoting it with many blinglike features (think 20-inch wheels) instead of focusing on the excellent utility and how fun it is to drive. – Paul Hagger

The Ford Edge is a decent crossover that combines usable technological features with a sporty exterior. The vehicle tested was the Sport model, which was outfitted with 22-inch rims, nice Alcantara suede seats and aluminum accents in the interior. This car definitely generated some looks, as the smooth styling and bold grill are eye-catching. The crossover was also easy to drive and relatively quick, considering it weighs over 2 tons. And fuel economy was respectable; I was able to achieve 19 mpg in mixed driving. Inside the car, some of the bells and whistles include the ability to access and use your phone, music and navigation by using voice commands. No more hands. There was plenty of headroom and legroom in the back seat for two tall adults. Compared with other cars, the doors seemed a lot heavier and required some extra muscle to close them. The Edge was a top safety pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, so the extra door weight is probably part of the safety reinforcements. As tested, the Edge Sport came in at $39K, which seems pricey when considering the competition out there. – Joe Chulick


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