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Flash Drive: 2010 Jaguar XK Convertible

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The all-new 2010 Jaguar XK Convertible is propelled by a new 385-horsepower direct-injection 5.0-liter V8 engine, which is expertly mated to a smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission. Boasting nearly 30 percent more power, it makes the XK really fast. In addition, it benefits from all the modern technology that helps to keep it pointed in the right direction when the driver taps into that power. No longer a lithe sports car, the XK is a fantastic grand touring car with a spectacular interior. Like its predecessor, the supple leather seats are trimmed with contrast stitching. But now they're heated and cooled, and the dash features piano-black trim with touch-screen navigation. –Mike Meredith

One of the sexiest-looking convertibles on the road, the new XK reminds me of Jaguar's classic XKE roadster from the 1960s; the one with the long hood, wide oval grille and short trunk overhang. Unlike the classic XKE, however, this Jag is thoroughly modern, with a power retractable top that folds out of sight in about 20 seconds with the push of a button. Sadly, the rear seat is practically unusable, and trunk is barely large enough for a small suitcase, but this isn't a car you buy for its practicality. Its value lies in its good looks and the powerful V8 engine under the hood. But as good as this car is at making an impression and providing driving enjoyment on a sunny day, it's still hard to justify the $90K sticker price. –Perry Stern

The Jaguar XK makes a fantastic boulevard cruiser. The interior surfaces and materials are a dream to look at and touch; from the high-quality carpeting on the floor and doors to the suede headliner, the XK exudes grace. Although the XK feels like one of the last cars to have a fabric convertible top, as opposed to the folding hardtops of many competitors, I think it looks better for it. The fabric top does imply less sound insulation, and passing cars are easily audible inside the otherwise cosseting Jaguar. The engine sounds great and has plenty of power, but this is a sports coupe that emphasizes comfort and fashion over performance. And compared with other cars in its category, it has a competitive price tag. I'd even call it a bargain. –Paul Hagger


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