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Flash Drive: 2009 Infiniti M35x

This 2009 review is representative of model years 2006 to 2010.
By Staff of MSN Autos

There are a number of cars that try to be both luxurious and sporty, but the Infiniti M35x does it better than most. Its styling doesn't really stand out in the crowd, but its clean lines are quite stylish. Inside are all the expected luxury amenities plus an unexpected bonus — a rear-seat DVD player. Controls are well laid out, providing easy access to navigation, audio and other settings, which are all displayed on a large LCD screen. That's the luxury side of the M35x; the sports side is even better. The 303-horsepower V6 under the hood is plenty responsive, and with full-time all-wheel drive, the M35x almost never gets out of line, even when pushed hard in the corners. The M should definitely be on the short list if you're considering a performance/luxury car. – Perry Stern

The Infiniti M35x is the V6-powered all-wheel-drive version of Infiniti's mid-luxury sedan. It incorporates the sporty driving dynamics and performance orientation of the G35 in a larger package. For 2009, the M35x's 3.5-liter V6 gets a power increase to 303 horsepower. Unfortunately, the steering and balance of the all-wheel-drive M35x doesn't feel as crisp or solid as the rear-wheel-drive version. The interior of the Infiniti M continues to be one of the most beautiful and refined designs available, and the quality materials add to the elegant but performance-oriented feel. The audio, navigation and climate control functions are all easily managed from the controller in the center stack. – Mike Meredith

Leave it up to Infiniti to set the mark to beat for luxury cars. The Infiniti tested was the M35x, which has the stability of all-wheel drive. Coupled with the powerful 303-horsepower V6, the sedan can really move if pushed, but also excels with liquid-smooth driving in the city. Unfortunately, the M35x is equipped only with a 5-speed automatic transmission, which hurts gas mileage. I achieved 18 mpg in mixed driving. The inside of the M35x was very luxurious, including African rosewood trim and fine leather throughout the cabin. The only option in this car was the pricey $10K premium package. While it might not be worth that high a premium, the premium package did include a fantastic Bose surround-sound system, high-tech lane departure and intelligent cruise control, and a drop-down entertainment screen for the rear passengers. Not only can you recline and heat the rear seats when watching a movie, you are immersed in the brightest movie-quality sound available. The Infiniti M35x is truly a remarkable car, not only for the driving experience — the technology available is second to none. – Joe Chulick

The Infiniti M35x, and the M45 as well, seem to me the natural successors to the original Infiniti Q45, which introduced the Infiniti brand to America way back in 1991. That original Q45 has a special place in my heart because I've owned a '94 Q45. Like that original Q, the Infiniti M35x is spacious and luxurious, but still just small enough to feel nimble. In fact, the one I drove seemed perhaps too nimble, after a slight hesitation on initial turn-in, almost as if the front wheels were aligned with a little toe-out. I don't find the M35x to be quite as pretty as the original Infiniti Q45 and definitely not as attractive as the Infiniti G. Nevertheless, for me, theM35x is sized just right. It's my favorite Infiniti among many favorites. – Paul Hagger


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