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2010 Porsche 911 Turbo — Flash Drive

This 2010 review is representative of model years 2005 to 2011.
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If Zeus came down from Mount Olympus and needed a car on Earth, he would pick the new Porsche 911 Turbo. From the bold, aggressive styling to the blinding-fast acceleration and sure-footed handling, the new Turbo is a fantastic car. And it is an easy supercar to drive, too. Equipped with the PDK transmission, it makes commutes in morning traffic a breeze. During mixed city/highway driving, I achieved 20 mpg, which is impressive for a 500-horsepower supercar. The driver will notice a luxurious interior with a great center-console layout. The back seat has room for luggage, but it won't accommodate people. Since the engine is in the rear of the Porsche, there is a small amount of storage space under the front hood as well. My only complaint is that the low air dam was always getting scratched on low bumps and inclines. If you have the means of acquiring the new 911 Turbo, you can be sure that your status will be more godlike. –Joe Chulick

Wow! Now I know what a precision sledgehammer feels like. The Porsche 911 Turbo has stupendous power — 500 horses — making for an exciting ride. It feels like being shot out of a cannon when you hit the go pedal. The chassis is worthy of all that power, too, providing an easy drive at normal or even fast speeds, and also a safe environment to drive at "stupid fast" speeds when the road allows. But unlike the Nissan GT-R, which feels sure-footed and impossibly capable, the 911 Turbo is interesting, challenging and, most of all, fun to drive. Only the 911 GT3 would be more perfect as a driver's car. –Paul Hagger

All those enthusiasts who said building the Cayenne SUV would water down the Porsche brand need to spend five minutes behind the wheel of this 911 Turbo. This car is pure Porsche — outrageously quick and, at the same time, surprisingly easy to drive. Going fast around corners just makes you want to find more corners. The 911 Turbo is incredibly stable, with sticky tires, all-wheel drive and a sophisticated stability-control system that makes you feel like a much better driver than you probably are. But the 911 Turbo would work great as a daily driver, too. It's comfortable cruising at 60 mph — although the road noise is a bit annoying — or running around town. Add to this an almost-usable back seat, cargo space that can carry a small bag or some groceries, and an observed 22 mpg highway and you have a surprisingly useful supercar that I would be very happy to live with. –Perry Stern


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