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The Forenza Wagon is new for 2005, powered by a 126-horsepower 2.0-liter engine with a 5-speed manual or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. Details of the S, LX, and EX versions will be coming soon.
2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon - Click to Enlarge2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon - Click to Enlarge2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon - Click to Enlarge2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon - Click to Enlarge
Quick Facts
  • Engine: 126 horsepower
  • Seating: 5 passengers
  • Driving Range: 290 - 435 miles
  • Drive: Front-Wheel Drive
  • Cargo Capacity: 24.4 cu. ft.

User Reviews

The community thinks...
  • Styling8.3
  • Performance6.5
  • Interior8.2
  • Quality6.8
  • Recommendation6.4
  • Styling9.0
  • Performance6.0
  • Interior8.0
  • Quality3.0
  • Recommendation2.0
Get What You Pay For? by Allison - Raleigh area on 04/05/2008. Trim: 2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon LX, Owned 3 years.
Pros: I bought this car in July 2005 and it is now April 2008. For the money, you get a lot of stuff so that is a big plus. Dealership (when buying it) was the best one I had ever been to. Great APR and discounts. It's not like you are supposed to buy a car because the speakers sound good or it has a sunroof.
Cons: Same problems over and over and then do not get fixed. When I bought it, it did not have a jack with the spare... found this out when I had my first flat and then it took 2 months to get one. Airbag light has come on and "fixed" 5 times. CD player was "looked at" when I brought it in and it stayed there for 2 days so they could hear the noise it made (clicking and sometimes spits the cd out) but they never heard it and now its past the 36k warranty so "I could get a really nice one from best buy that mp3 players can plug into".... that's nice, how about the one I am still paying for still works.
Overall review: Everytime I have taken my car into the shop (2 different dealerships) it comes out with something else wrong or the problem resurfaces a few weeks later. People say you get what you pay for but I cannot believe that a car company would let things like this ALWAYS happen. It would be nice it the service departments had people that seem to know what they are doing and truly try to fix something for you. (one of the techs said that whoever looked at my car first about the cd player just didn't bother because he knew about the problem I was having and said the tech is supposed to keep turning it on and off to make it mess up.... that is just my problem now since there isn't a warranty on it anymore.
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