1999 Toyota Tacoma


What's New

The 1999 Tacoma pickup remains primarily as it was in 1998; however, a number of new option packages are available, as are four new exterior colors.
1999 Toyota Tacoma - Click to Enlarge1999 Toyota Tacoma - Click to Enlarge
Quick Facts
  • Engine: 142 - 190 horsepower
  • Seating: 2-5 passengers
  • Payload: 1,588 - 2,069 lbs.
  • Drive: Four-Wheel Drive; Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Towing Capacity: 3,500 - 5,000 lbs.

User Reviews

The community thinks...
  • Styling9.0
  • Performance8.6
  • Interior8.1
  • Quality9.3
  • Recommendation9.1
  • Styling10
  • Performance8.0
  • Interior9.0
  • Quality10
  • Recommendation10
Love that truck! by sweetpea on 04/01/2009. Trim: 1999 Toyota Tacoma Xtracab 4WD, Owned 7 years.
Pros: Reliability is unmatched. I bought my Tacoma used with 50k. Since then I have had to change the oil and put on new tires. I now have 176,000 miles on it. Granted, most of those are highway miles, but it still is a testament to the truck. I have zero rust, not even bubbles. I have the TRD option with the bigger four cylinder engine. It won't win any races, but it ain't no slouch, either, if you use the RPM's. The truck has performed every task I have attempted. I paid $18,000 for it in 2002 and it was worth every dime. I get 26 MPG on the hwy at 60 MPH. If I go 70 mph it drops a few MPG. I highly recommend the setup on this year/model.
Cons: I suppose the ride isn't as good as a caddy, but it's a truck for gosh sakes. I never expected it to ride like a car. It doesn't get 100 MPG, either, darn it.
Overall review: Although I can't afford a new one I'd buy another used one and wouldn't be daunted by >100k miles on the odo. It still, at 176K, starts, handles, and runs like new. I highly recommend the TRD package. Beefier I'm told. And except for a few boo-boos it even shines up like new!
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